Speaking engagements, presentations, training sessions, and workshops

(For companies, schools, agencies, and non-profit organizations: contact Bethany for a quote)

With years of teaching and public speaking experience under my belt, I’m ready to present, lead workshops, and host professional development and training sessions on the following topics:

  • career development and career management
  • soft skills: communication, customer service, critical thinking, writing skills, critical reading skills, conflict management, problem solving, decision making, collaboration and teamwork, responsibility, leadership, followership, listening, work ethic, professionalism, time management
  • workplace improvement: communication, teamwork, customer service, conflict management, mentorship, etc.
  • resume/cover letter writing
  • job search basics and strategies
  • choosing a college major/degree plan
  • how to gain experience in your chosen career field
  • understanding Generation Z and Millennials
  • mentorship: why mentoring matters, developing a mentoring program, how to mentor others
  • interview preparation: mock interviews, sample interview questions, researching employers, understanding how to prepare and practice, avoiding major interview blunders, eliminating nervousness during your interview
  • oral communication
  • public speaking and presentation skills
  • non-verbal communication
  • customer service
  • critical thinking, reading, and writing skills
  • conflict management
  • collaboration and teamwork
  • networking
  • branding
  • creating an elevator pitch
  • creating a personal branding statement
  • marketing
  • social media management
  • writing in the workplace
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Don’t see the topic you’re interested in listed here? Contact me to tailor a professional development session or presentation to meet your organization or company’s needs.

Resume and cover letter

(For every candidate/job seeker: $50 per hour)

Ensure that your basic career steps are steady and strong by working with me on your resume and cover letter. Whether you have an existing resume or need help creating your resume from scratch, I can help. You’ll also need a strong cover letter which you can tailor each time you apply for open positions; I’m the perfect expert to help you create these sales documents since I’m a professional writer and career coach.

A polished, updated basic resume and cover letter are foundation pieces of your job search. Consider them non-negotiable pieces of your job search.

Get hired

(Ideal for college students, recent grads, and entry-level candidates: $50 per hour)

*Aren’t sure which career path is right for you? Let’s talk about it and assess your career goals.

*We’ll work together to create a super solid entry-level resume.

*Take the guesswork out of the job application process by letting me help you craft a winning basic cover letter.

*Be the best version of yourself online and offline. Learn how to promote and brand yourself via social media on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and other platforms. Let me help you create a strong personal branding statement and elevator pitch.

*Strengthen your networking skills. Learn how to connect with people online and move relationships offline. Are your communication skills lacking? Let’s work on improving those together; as a former oral communication college instructor, I’ll help you improve your speaking, listening, and non-verbal communication skills. I’ll also help you understand how to build and maintain better relationships with your personal and professional contacts.

*Assess your soft skills and work with me to identify your problem areas. Work to strengthen and improve yourself now, and your employer will thank you later.

*After learning interview tips and tricks, conducting a mock interview which we’ll record (you can review it repeatedly and won’t need to take notes during the session) and receiving feedback on every mock interview question and response, and learning how to succeed in various types of interviews (phone interviews, video-based interviews including Skype and recorded interviews, team interviews, and behavior-based interviews), you’ll go into future interviews feeling confident and prepared.

Get promoted

(Ideal for candidates seeking to advance their careers: $50 per hour)

* We’ll work together to rewrite/revise your existing resume to truly showcase your accomplishments more clearly and concisely and improve your chances of promotion.

* Whether applying for internal promotions or external job openings, I’ll help you sell yourself in a killer cover letter.

* You probably already have strong professional relationships. I’ll help you improve your professional networking skills to achieve long-term career success. Practice informational interviews and discuss ways to strengthen your existing professional relationships while building new connections.

*Be the best version of yourself online. Learn how to promote and brand yourself via social media and use it to your advantage professionally. Do you have a solid personal branding statement, elevator pitch, and online portfolio? Let me help you create and improve your brand.

* Learn job search strategies to help you land your dream job more easily and quickly.

* After learning my interview tricks of the trade, you’ll be the most prepared candidate up for consideration. Practice mock interviews and learn strategies for succeeding in various types of interviews, including phone interviews, video-based interviews (Skype or recorded interviews), team interviews, and behavior-based interviews.

*Facing challenges in your current workplace? Let’s assess your current workplace. We can develop your workplace communication skills (verbal, non-verbal, and public speaking and presentation skills), workplace writing skills, identify potential workplace or career mentors, improve your customer service and conflict management skills, and more to help you make the most of your current job and improve your odds of future promotion.

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