I love helping people do what they love; it’s my goal to extend a helping hand to clients as they climb their personal career ladders.

I am passionate about educating job seekers, mentoring and training professionals in the workplace, and helping clients grow and succeed in their careers. I help job seekers get to work by providing one-on-one career coaching services and by providing employers and organizations with professional development workshops, presentations, and training sessions.

I am an expert in higher education, having worked for 10 years as an English faculty member, a director of career services, and an academic advisor. I have experience in both the corporate world and non-profit sectors in content management, sales and marketing, technical writing, and non-profit management. In addition to managing my career coaching business, I teach English as an adjunct instructor, manage content for small businesses and entrepreneurs, volunteer and serve in the community, and mentor other women.

I earned my Master of Arts degree in English Language and Literature at Arkansas Tech University and my Bachelor of Arts degree in English at Lyon College.

I work with clients both virtually and face-to-face in north central Arkansas. Contact me for a free consultation, and let’s get to work.