Career Coach-Bethany Wallace:
Soft skills solutions for your hardest challenges

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Soft skills. Don’t let that term fool you. Soft skills are anything but soft. They’re not easy to acquire, grow, and develop in ourselves and others.

You may have been taught that you’re either a natural-born communicator, or you’re not. You’re either great at problem-solving, or you’re not. You’re either excellent at time management, or you’re doomed to fail at it for the rest of your life. This is a lie. The person who taught you this was misinformed.

Soft skills are a combination of talent and ability. While we’re naturally more adept at some soft skills than others, the good news is that each person can choose to develop the “ability” portion of each soft skill. What is required to grow and develop soft skills? Willingness, open-mindedness, time, and effort.

Why do you lose if you fail to develop strong soft skills? Career fulfillment. Promotions.  Solid professional connections with colleagues, team members, and your staff/employees. Business opportunities.

Employers repeatedly cite the critical nature of soft skills in the hiring process and in the workplace in survey after survey. In 2017, 93% of employers claimed soft skills are an essential factor in hiring decisions. Why? Because hiring candidates with weak soft skills results in multiple problems: lower productivity, interpersonal conflicts, negativity and toxicity in the workplace environment, and decreased retention of top talent.

I know you don’t want this to happen to your organization. Who does? This is where I come in.

I offer soft skills solutions for your hardest challenges. I partner with mission-minded organizations, employers, and educational institutions to provide soft skills training, professional development, in-service sessions, executive coaching, and presentations. I work both face-to-face and virtually with clients across the United States.

Whether you’re seeking soft skills solutions on behalf of your employees, clients, and students, or you’re hoping to develop your own soft skills as a leader, business owner, or manager, I’m happy to partner with you on your journey.

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